Line Material Industries (McGraw-Edison) Ovalite (R)
Westinghouse OV-35

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Line Material Ovalite(R)  late style (left).

For highway and urban applications, accommodates up to 400 watt mercury lamps.

Looking back over the years, I believe this was the third most common mercury luminaire before the 1960's styles were introduced, behind General Electric's Form 109 and Westinghouse's OV-20. I have seen them practically everywhere. This is my favorite, if a collector could have one. I recognized these when I was 4 years old. Has cast aluminum body and stamped aluminum reflector inside. This one (maybe not all) has a shoehorn like reflector behind the lamp (visible through the glass and also seen in lower left photo) to reduce light shining in bedroom windows.

Weight: 23 lb. complete.
Length: 24-1/2" overall.
I have not found any part numbers or catalog numbers inside.
Cast aluminum ring with split held together by bolt, and with retaining grooves to hold glassware.
I have seen at least two variations for the glass refractor, perhaps there were several to provide a choice of light distribution patterns.

There was also a model for lamps up to 250 watts. I haven't seen one up close but I would suppose it was physically smaller.

There was also an early style Ovalite, with a cap somewhat like the top half of this unit but much smaller, and a globe assembly with a somewhat hemispherical reflector and hemispherical glass that fit on below, similar to the GE Form 109.

Westinghouse OV-35 Style (right)

I first saw these in a gas station, two of them mounted symmetrically above the gas pump island. Back then I thought, "Was [the Ovalite*] this large or did it look this large only because it was closer to the ground?". This specimen has a photocontrol atop its neck, most did not. Accommodates 1000 watt mercury lamp. Has cast aluminum body and stamped reflector inside. I don't remember seeing these on the street. Apparently 1000 watts of mercury was seldom called for in a single streetlight. As late as 2000 I have seen a few of these in parking lots.

Weight: 30 lb.
Dimensions: 28" long overall, 16-5/8" wide.
Cast aluminum ring with split held together by bolt, and with retaining grooves to hold glassware.
Has Westinghouse emblems but I did not find any Westinghouse part numbers inside.

* I did not know the names Line Material Industries or Ovalite until 1997 when I saw Marvin Suggs' web page.