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Please bear with us as we move over from the former AOL Hometown; some links may take awhile to get fixed. Our mission in life is to give good and usable advice and solve everyday problems. We also consider that mission fulfilled when someone says, "I wish we had followed that cockamamie web page, I forget its name."

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Direct deposit your income tax refund? If a mistake is made with your bank account number you may lose your refund forever.

You check your bank statement and see a deposit you do not remember making. Then some stranger calls you saying he put money in your account by mistake and would you please send it back to him. Don't write him a check. He could be scamming you. Click here for more.

For home handymen: Screw the wires onto the receptacle instead of pushing the wires into the holes in back. Click here.

Why basements get flooded. Click here.

Basement remodeling project.

Building a back yard shed.

Digital TV converter boxes.

Turn off furnace on warm days.

Don't misuse tools If you use the wrong tool, you can cause damage that makes a job take much longer! One hard to see detail is the difference between Allen wrenches and Torx wrenches. The Allen wrench fits into a hexagonal hole in the bolt or screw. The Torx wrench fits into a hole that looks more like a six sided star. Using the wrong kind of wrench can deform the hole to the point where the correct wrench will not work either.

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