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Many other contributors to Internet video forums have included a link to a list of their movies and other videos, so I thought I would do the same.

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12" LASER DISKS (11/03)

F    Airport 77 (DV CAV)
M    Peter Allen & Rockettes
B    American Ballet Theater at the Met (12.00)
B    American Ballet Theater in San Francisco
F    American Graffiti (DV CLV)
F    Animal House (DV CLV)
B    Anna Karenina (A. Godunov) (16:9 enhanced!)
F    Back to Hannibal (Tom Sawyer series) (5.00)
DR   The Beach Boys, An American Band 
R    Beatles, The (The First U.S. Visit)
DF   Billy Rose's Jumbo (circus) (LBX)
F    Blue Collar (DV CAV)
B    Bolshoi Soloists Classique / Les Sylphides
C    Bozo -- Wowie Kazowie Clown Tales (15.50)
F    Bridge on the River Kwai (10.00)
FO   Brigadoon (PS)
B    Fernando Bujones, In His Image
O    Cabaret
HM   Carols for Christmas (13.15)
HM   Carols for Christmas (Met. Museum of Art, A. Jones)
AF   Caught in the Act (G. Harrison) (11.90)
AF   China Girl (S. Chang) (18.90)
HM   Christmas Goes Baroque
C    Cinderella, Disney animated
AF   Company Business (M. Baryshnikov) (12.+)
R    Compleat Beatles
D    Jacques Cousteau, Borneo -- Forests Without Land (10.00)
D    Jacques Cousteau, Sleeping Sharks of Yucatan (DV) (3.85)
FP   Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee (Bill Bixby) (17)
F    Daddy's Boys (5.+)
AF   Dancers (M. Baryshnikov)
F    Dazed and Confused (7.20)
AF   Death Wish  (C. Bronson)
X    Deep Throat
AF   Die Hard (LBX) (A. Godunov)
B    Don Quixote (Nureyev)
F    Dragon (Bruce Lee Story)
F    Electric Horseman (DV)
F    Endless Summer (18.75)
CM   Fantasia (CLV)
B    La Fille Mal Gardee (Kozlova)
B    La Fille Mal Gardee (Royal)
F    Fire on the Mountain (8.+)
F    The Flintstones (J. Goodman; R. Moranis) (LBX)
O    Flower Drum Song
B    Fonteyn & Nureyev, Perfect Partnership
-    Four Seasons, Vivaldi (Nat'l Orch. of France)
HM   James Galway's Christmas Carol Concert
AB   Giselle (ABT; Fracci; Bruhn; Bruce Marks) (17.48+)
B    Giselle (Kirov)
B    Golden Age (Bolshoi) (12.00)
F    Gone With the Wind 
D    Great Quake of '89
DF   Greatest Show On Earth (circus)
FR   Hard Days Night (CAV Crit)
F    Hawaii (LBX, 20 extra minutes, J. Andrews)
F    Heart of Dixie (4.20)
FR   Help (20.00)
O    H.M.S. Pinafore (Parsons & Whittemore) (35.15)
F    How To Succeed In Business (8.40)
F    Hurricane Streets (6.30)
FR   I Wanna Hold Your Hand
F    In Search of The Castaways (8.00)
F    The Incredible Shrinking Man (DV) (3.85)
AF   It's My Party (G. Harrison) (11.50)
BF   Ivan the Terrible (Bolshoi film)
F    Jaws (DV CAV)
F    Jaws 2 (DV CAV)
FG   Jurassic Park 
FO   King & I (Deborah Kerr, LBX)
AF   Kinjite (C. Bronson) (7.50)
-    La... Le... (Alphabetized by second word)
T    Laserdisk, What It Is
B    Legend of Love (Bolshoi at)
F    Looking for Miracles (5.+)
B    Magic of the Kirov
M    Majestic Marches (5.00)
D    Making of Jurassic Park (0.)
B    Manon (Royal Ballet) (12.00)
FG   Man Without a Face 
F    Me and the Kid
FO   Meet Me In St. Louis
B    Merry Widow (Nat'l Ballet of Canada)
O    The Mikado (Parsons & Whittemore) (25.25)
AF   Money Pit (A. Godunov)
F    Music Box (8.)
D    Nat'l Geographic: Cameramen Who Dared
D    Nat'l Geographic: Namib Desert (10.00)
D    Nat'l Geographic: Superliners
D    Nat'l Geographic: Titanic (10.00)
B    Nutcracker (Baryshnikov)
B    Nutcracker (Bolshoi at Bolshoi)
B    Nutcracker (Bonn, Yuri Vamos)
AF   Oceans of Fire (G. Harrison) (5.+)
OF   Oklahoma! (LBX, G. MacRae)
O    Onegin (Bolshoi Opera) (12.00)
F    Pacific Heights (14.40+)
F    Paradise (7.+)
GM   Pavarotti in Concert (Z. Mehta conducting) 
O    Pirates of Penzance (P. Allen, Parsons & Whittemore)
B    Raymonda (Bolshoi)
F    The River Wild (8.00)
-    Rockettes (Peter Allen)
B    Romeo & Juliet (Bolshoi at)
FG   Schindler's List 
B    Seven Ballets (P. Dupond, Paris Op.)
F    Shenandoah (DV) (3.85)
FO   Show Boat (K. Grayson, H. Keel, color)
F    Slap Shot (DV) (3.85)
B    Sleeping Beauty (Kirov, S. Berezhnoi)
F    Smokey and the Bandit (DV) (3.85)
FC   Song of the South 
FO   Sound of Music (LBX)
FO   South Pacific (LBX)
B    Sparticus (Bolshoi at Bolshoi)
FO   State Fair
B    Still Life at the Penguin Cafe (17.48+)
F    The Sting (DV) (3.85)
B    Stone Flower (Bolshoi at)
F    The Super (4.20)
-    Les Sylphides, ABT at Met
-    Les Sylphides, Bolshoi Classiques
FS   Superman, the Movie (Chris Reeve)
FS   Superman, TV's Best Adventures vol 3
F    The Survivalist
B    Swan Lake (Royal)
B    Tango (Geneva Grand Ballet)
F    Tom Sawyer (DV)
F    Touch of Love (DV) (5.00)
O    La Traviata (12)
F    Treasure Island, Disney (8.00)
F    True Lies (A. Schwartznegger)
D    Vancouver Disk
T    A Video Standard
M    Vivaldi, Four Seasons (Nat'l Orch. of France, MGM)
F    Volcano -- Fire On The Mountain
A    The War  (K. Costner)
F    White Fang (8.00)
AF   White Nights (PS) (M. Baryshnikov)
AF   Witness (PS) (A. Godunov)
AF   Witness (WS) (11.80)
DR   Woodstock 20'th Anniv. (Warner #11762)
O    Yeoman of the Guard  
D    Yesterday's Witness (A Tribute to Newsreels)

DVD's  (11/03)

T    Avia
AF   Chino / Man with a Camera  (C. Bronson)
F    Cinderella (Brandy & Paolo)
F    Life with Father
-    Man with a Camera  / Chino (double feature)
V    Smallville (complete first season)
F    Three Stooges (4 episodes Disorder in the Court etc.)
AF   Water World (K. Costner)

VHS  (11/02)

D    Australia, Rand McNally Video Trip
AV   Fresno  (G. Harrison)
HMV  Holiday Sing Along With Mitch (...Miller)


A - With a specific actor/actress of interest, named
B - Ballet
C - Cartoon, animation
D - Documentary
F - Film, movie
G - Gift, bulk purchase, salvage
H - Holiday, celebration, Christmas
M - Music, excluding rock, opera, or show
O - Opera, musical play
R - Rock music
S - Science fiction
T - Test, demo
V - Made for broadcast TV
W - Spoken word, comedy, poetry, recitation
X - Pornographic

- Redundant entry alphabetized under different keyword

DV - Discovision brand
LBX - Letterbox; Wide screen
PS - Pan and Scan

(#) Price paid

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