Walt Disney World Ticket Buying Guidelines

Almost everything you need to know about Walt Disney World admission tickets (passes).

Last ticket prices shown are as of  March 2016. Prices are already published in many locations including at Disney's ticket booths, the Disney Information Station (www.wdwinfo.com). Mouse Savers (mousesavers.com) and others.

All procedures mentioning magnetic striped ticket cards also apply to ticket admissions encoded on bracelets (called Magic Bands), except that the method of presenting the ticket differs. To use your Magic Band, press the sensitive spot in the middle against the sensor (usually a baseball sized sphere with a Mickey symbol) at the entrance gate or other applicable location. The Mickey symbol lights up green for acceptance and blue for rejection.

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All prices shown here include applicable sales tax and are rounded to the nearest U.S. dollar.

Thanks to "Cheshire Figment" on the forums of the Disney Information Station.

Discussion Topics

(Here, "Ticket" and "Pass "mean the same thing.)

Annual Passes   (Two trips and twelve Disney days and it is worthwhile)
Regular Admission   (It's called Magic Your Way)
Convention and Promotional Passes  (They do expire)
Roadside Stands, eBay  (Don't buy, passes may not be valid) 
Resort Packages  (You must buy passes but may save them for later)
Time Share Gift Passes  (Not recommended for longer vacations)
Hopper Plus Passes  (discontinued but always usable as-is)
Unlimited Magic  (not offered but new packages are available)
Child Passes   (Can do even exchange at no cost for adult pass)
Old Passes   (Use as-is but not in same vacation as new pass)
Upgrading Passes  (You can add days, hopping, etc. as needed)
Trading Up Passes  (Lots of room for misunderstandings, mistakes)
"Free Dining" Package   (May beat the annual pass, cost wise)
Safeguard Your Pass/Ticket   (Copy down all the numbers and codes)
Premium  (Don't confuse annual and package and MYW) 
Unanswered Questions (Yes we still have a few.)

Quick Tips, Factoids, Frequently Asked Questions.

Need to add hopping to or otherwise modify the tickets in your resort package or dining package? Wait until you get there and enter a park. Click here for more information.

You may not use two park days off of one non-hopping ticket card to visit two theme parks on the same day. Click here for more information.

You can get the tickets for your room/meal package a few days before check in. More.

Partially used Magic Your Way passes are valued at Disney's current selling price for upgrade purposes. More.

Entering a water park does not consume a theme park day. More.

Park visits need not be on consecutive days. Click here for more.

All guests 10 years in age or older must use the turnstile finger scanner for all tickets, old and new. Click here for more.

You don't need your regular ticket to attend a party after 4 PM. More.

Usage life of Magic Your Way tickets begins with first usage and lasts for 13 more days. More.

To save time, decide on your schedule before choosing your tickets. More.

Do not buy tickets from private parties such as on eBay, or from roadside ticket stands. More.

One Water Park Fun visit is equal to a one day admission ticket to that minor park. More.

With Water Park Fun you can visit the same minor park multiple times, or different minor parks in any combination. More.

Two or more visits to the minor parks other than  golf or Wide World of Sports, and the Water Park Fun option is better than separate admissions. More.

Visiting water parks does not require purchasing the hopping option. More.

The break even for an annual pass versus regular tickets is roughly twelve theme park days. More.

Annual pass discount renewal begins when the previous pass expired. More.

Annual pass room discounts are not available on some resort packages. More.

Your grown child may exchange his partly used child ticket for an adult ticket at no cost. More.

Old tickets remain valid for what they were valid for when printed. Also, old theme park tickets are valid for admission to theme parks that opened later. More.

Old tickets that don't fit in the turnstiles may be exchanged at no cost for new RFID tickets with the same remaining admissions. More.

Very old passes generally may not be kept as souvenirs and also used for admission. More.

Upgrading: Features such as park hopping, and more days up to ten including the days already used, may be added to Magic Your Way tickets within 14 days of first usage provided the ticket is not completely used up. More.

Unused standard pre-2005 passes are valued at wholesale price, not gate price, for trade up purposes. More.

Used pre-2005 passes may not be upgraded (but may still be used as-is). More.

Leftover tickets are best used as-is and for short vacations or when you have enough leftovers so as not to need a new ticket. More.

For trade ins, only one old ticket may be used in trade towards each new ticket. More.

For Disney resort packages the same kind of ticket must be ordered for each room occupant but tickets may be upgraded individually after check in. More.

Rainchecks, timeshare tickets, and other short tickets are not suited for medium or long vacations. More.

School groups (soccer, cheerleading, band, etc.) may have to buy additional tickets to extend a vacation. More.

Copy down the letters and codes on the back of the ticket before use and save that information. More.

Ask for the dollar value of an old pass before discussing trading up or adding on. If something does not seem right, go to a different ticket booth to get a second opinion. More.

Related Terms:  
AP -- Annual pass.
Base Ticket  -- Has theme park admission, no optional features such as hopping.
Bridging -- Part of the process whereby you pay the difference in current gate prices when you upgrade a discounted ticket.
Crossover -- Park hopping.
Disney's -- Disney owned and operated  (has "Disney's" in its full name).
DME -- Disney's Magical Express -- Airport to resort transportation.
DVC -- Disney Vacation Club (similar to a time sharing condo.)
Entitlement -- Any one of the admissions, either theme park or water park fun, on a ticket.
Expires (date) -- Becomes unusable when the last park has closed for that day of business.
Fast Pass (tm) -- Advance reservation allowing expedited ride or show entry, is not valid for park admission.
Flex -- (flexible feature) Package option allowing one of multiple choices such as tee shirts or photographs.
Gate Price -- Price of the ticket as purchased that day at the park ticket booths.
Hard Ticket Event -- Hours in a park for which a special ticket for that date is required.
Infant -- Person under 3 years of age (who is admitted free).
Junior -- Person at least 10 and under 18 years of age (who must use "adult" priced tickets).
KTTK or KTTW -- Resort room key card (key to the kingdom/world).
LOS -- Length of stay (discontinued ticket offering for resort vacation packages)
Magic Band -- Bracelet with RFID chip as a single carried item used for dining charges, park admission, room key, etc.
MDE -- My Disney Experience -- On line account for a guest to manage reservations, tickets, etc. for a Disney vacation.
Minor Park -- Water park, Disney Quest, Wide World of Sports, etc.
MYW -- Magic Your Way, the current admission ticket system.
Package -- Room reservation with extra features such as meals and/or tickets and/or golf.
PAP -- Premium annual pass (with water park fun)
Park hopper  (lowercase h) -- Nowadays refers to any ticket that allows park hopping.
Party -- (1) Hard ticket event. (2) Any group of people traveling or rooming together.
PHP -- Park Hopper Plus (tm) pass (discontinued ticket offering with water park fun)
Plus -- A minor park (water park fun) admission on a theme park ticket.
Promotional -- Refers here to pass such as a rain check or time share gift, generally not sold at park ticket booths.
RFID -- Refers to tickets, bracelets, etc.  with embedded micro-computer chips for quick scanning at turnstiles, etc.
Tier -- Grouping or category of objects all with a similar or identical quantity of some common attribute such as popularity or valid usage dates.
TIW -- Tables in Wonderland, formerly DDE, restaurant discount membership available to annual pass holder and family.
Touch of Magic -- Two or three day promotional ticket with one water park fun visit.
UPH; UMP -- Ultimate park hopper; Unlimited magic pass (discontinued ticket offerings)
Wish -- Flex; flexible feature, see above.
Wishes -- Fireworks display at Magic Kingdom
WPM; WPF, WPFM -- Plus feature; water park fun & more.
WPMA -- As used here, one visit's worth of water park fun & more.)
YES (Youth Education Series) -- Collection of programs including classes, resort stays, sporting events, and promotional tickets.

Try not to carry around more than one pass (per person for your family). It is very easy to use the wrong pass in a turnstile, consuming perhaps two days' worth of admission on one day.

Hold your finger still on the biometric reader at the turnstile. It takes at least a few seconds to register.

Save Time, Plan Your Schedule First

We will confess up front: It is absolutely positively impossible to choose the best bargain for tickets until after you have finalized your schedule of what park you will be in and when. If you try to keep tweaking both your schedule and your ticket choice, you will spend endless hours asking yourself, "what if this?" and "what if that?".

A very slight change in your schedule may result in a somewhat different ticket's being the lowest priced for your vacation.

For non-expiring tickets you need to plan two vacations in advance. (Non-expiring tickets are no longer being sold.)

Regular Admission

"Magic Your Way".refers to the current ticketing system and ticket offerings, which began in January 2005.

Linking your admission ticket (pass) to your Magic Band and My Disney Experience account is optional but if you do not do this then you will not be able to book Fastpass reservations.

Ticket prices shown here include the tax (6.5%) and are rounded to the nearest dollar.

"Single Day" Tickets

Note: Blackout dates apply to some single day tickets.

Peak      Magic  Epcot  Hollywood  Animal  Hopping  Water   Premium
Tier     Kingdom         Studios   Kingdom         Park Fun

Ages 10+  $132     121     121      121      175      200      233
Ages 3-9  $126     115     115      115      168      194      227

Peak tier tickets purchased in 2016 are valid any day in 2016 and 2017 including all holidays.

Regular    MK      EP      HS      AK      PH      WP    PH+WP

Ages 10+  $117     109     109     109     170     185     218
Ages 3-9  $110     102     102     102     164     179     212

Regular tier tickets valid these dates in 2016: *** 3/1-3/10 *** 4/3-5/26 ***  7/24-11/19 *** 11/28-12/21. Valid dates for 2017 will be published later.

Value      MK      EP      HS      AK      PH      WP    PH+WP

Ages 10+  $112     103     103     103     165     180     213
Ages 3-9  $105      97      97      97     159     174     207

Value tier tickets are valid 8/22-9/29 only in 2016. Valid dates for 2017 will be published later. Value tier dates are not the same as value season dates for Disney's resorts.

Note: Single day tickets purchased in 2016 expire after 12/31/17.

Single day tickets for Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom are interchangeable. All ticket types are sold at all parks.

Single day tickets with water park fun or hopping or both (premium) are honored at all 4 theme parks. Hopping allows you to visit more than one theme park on the chosen day.

Magic Kingdom tickets without hopping or water park fun are valid only at Magic Kingdom.

Water Park Fun with a single day ticket consists of two visits to Blizzard Beach, Disney Quest, or other minor parks. These visits may be on the same day as or different days from each other or your theme park visit(s), all ticket usage to be within a 14 day time span and during a valid date span for that ticket tier.

"Multi-day" Reusable Tickets

Multi-day tickets are currently priced the same for use on all days.

You can buy multi-day tickets for up to ten days. (Not all non-Disney ticket agencies have all denominations.). The basic pass (base ticket) has a 14 consecutive day lifetime upon first usage and admits you to one theme park for each "day" on the pass. Park visits need not be on consecutive days. You may leave the park, and return to the same park later in the day subject to crowds.

Multi-day tickets are priced the same for all four theme parks. You may visit the theme parks in any order, combination, or repetition up the number of days on the ticket.

2016 Base Ticket Gate Prices (one theme park of your choice per calendar day, leave and return permitted)
"The fifth through tenth days cost less than sixteen dollars each."

Days           2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10
Ages 10+     $215  309  346  362  378  394  405  415  426
Ages 3-9     $202  290  325  341  357  373  383  394  405

Prices shown are as of February 28, 2016, include sales tax, currently 6.5%, and are rounded to the nearest dollar. Because the passes are to be used in Florida, Florida sales or use tax is included in or added to the price regardless of where you buy the passes. Some travel agent discounts are available for regular admission but not for annual passes. Special prices are available to Florida residents.

We have not reproduced the entire menu of prices and choices here, you can go to www.mousesavers.com (look for ticket information) to view that. As always, prices are subject to change.

Tip:  A person under the age of 3 upon arrival does not need a ticket any time during that vacation even if s/he celebrates his/her third birthday at Walt Disney World.

Note:  Specially priced multi-day tickets with blackout dates are available to Florida residents. Florida residents can also buy any regular priced tickets.

Click here for water park ticket prices.

Click here for annual pass prices.

Park Hopping

For a one time charge per ticket card ($73. for 4 to 10 day tickets, $64. for 2 and 3 day tickets) you may visit more than one theme park on a given day.

Note: Without the hopping privilege you cannot visit a different theme park on the same day using the same ticket card expecting to consume or "forfeit" or "burn" an additional day off of the ticket, perhaps a day that you might otherwise lose after going home. The park turnstiles and computer systems specifically disallow this. You could use a different ticket card although this is not cost effective except when one ticket is specifically for the Halloween party or other special event.

Tip:  You can delay adding the hopping option until you need it.

Water Park Fun (Plus Options)

Entering a water park does not use up a theme park day.

The Water Parks Fun and More option costs $68. per ticket card. You can choose from the following venues, or minor parks: Blizzard Beach, Disney Quest, Typhoon Lagoon, Wide World of Sports,.Oak Trail golf course, Winter Summerland Miniature Golf, and Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf, in any combination, repetition on multiple days, or order up to the number of WPM admissions (visits) on your pass. You get as many minor park visits as there are theme park days (minimum of two visits), but all of the admissions must be used within the pass' 14 day lifespan.

Days     1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
Visits   2  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Although $68. seems like a lot to pay to add Water Parks and More to a one day pass, remember that the "fun" visits can be used on different days if you wish.

Note:  For a ticket with both water park fun and hopping, you pay a special price of $101. for both of those options.

Note:  Single day Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom tickets must be upgraded to Magic Kingdom tickets to receive water park fun. The price calculation is done automatically.

Using a visit (or using a Plus option on a Hopper Plus pass) is equivalent to purchasing a single day ticket at the entrance.

You may visit two or more minor parks on one day (consuming two or more visits, respectively) even if your pass does not have the Hopping Option.

Water park fun visits may be used on the same or different days as theme park admissions with Magic Your Way passes, with the older Park Hopper Plus passes, and with other specialty and promotional tickets with a set number of water park fun admissions.

Blizzard Beach in the morning, Typhoon Lagoon in the afternoon, no other parks visited -- Uses zero days and two visits (plusses) with or without hopping on your ticket.

Blizzard Beach in the morning, Epcot in the afternoon, no other parks visited -- Uses one day and one visit with or without hopping on your ticket.

Blizzard Beach in the morning, leave for lunch, return in the afternoon -- Uses one visit.

Blizzard Beach in the afternoon, come back the next day -- Uses two visits.

At Oak Trail, one fun visit gives you one round of golf (nine holes). You must make a reservation for the tee time and can use the ticket card no more than once per calendar day.

For miniature golf, one fun visit gives you one round, is valid only before 4:30 PM, and is limited to one round per day.

New! When you use a fun visit to enter Wide World of Sports, you may enjoy 30 minutes of games at the Playstation Pavilion.

Some tickets have a notation such as "Blizzard Beach, 1 visit:." This is the rate of consumption, not a limitation on how many times you may go. For example, at some time in the distant future you might see "Horseback Riding, 2 visits" which means that doing that once consumes two WPM visits off of your ticket.

Plusses on (pre-2005) Hopper Plus passes are not good for admission to Disney Quest but if the ticket agent is in a good mood, he or she may surprise you with a free exchange to an equivalent Magic Your Way pass good at Disney Quest.

Non-expiration (not sold in 2016) preserves unused WPM visits also, even if the park days are all used up.

Tip:  Roughly speaking, Water Park Fun and More is worthwhile only if you use it at least twice not counting at the Wide World of Sports, or if you have park hopping privileges.

Don't forget, tickets are not transferable. You may not add water park fun to one ticket and admit the entire family to the water park using that ticket card.

Tip:  If you bought a single day ticket to a water park, you can use it towards the price of Water Park Fun or the price of both hopping and Water Park Fun added to your regular Magic Your Way ticket later. This is the only instance where two ticket cards can be combined. This must be done within the upgrade deadlines for the two tickets which is 14 days since use of the water park ticket and up to 14 days since first use of a Magic Your Way park ticket.

Tip:  If you run out of water park fun, you can (within the limits for upgrades) add another theme park day and another fun visit will be added as well.

Tip:  Inquire in advance about events before going to the ESPN Wide World of Sports. One fun visit gives you general admission only. Sometimes nothing is going on inside. Sometimes an extra payment is required to attend some events. Some events are closed to the public. Also, Disney transportation might not be available after late ending events.

Annual Passes

Twelve days and an annual pass makes sense.

Not counting special promotions, having the Platinum Pass is almost always more cost effective than buying regular admission tickets if you take three or more trips to Walt Disney World within a year and often best if you take two trips. This is before any other benefits such as complimentary parking or gift shop or resort discounts are figured in. Two trips totalling 12 Disney days in a year is the rough break-even but you still need to work the numbers.

The Platinum Pass is for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

To decide whether to get a Platinum Plus Pass (with water park fun), also consider how much you will use the water parks, or Disney Quest. Four visits to these and the Platinum Plus Pass is better.

It is not unusual for general public discounts for limited booking times or limited stay times to come within $10. of the annual pass rate for value (budget) resorts and within $20. of Platinum Pass rates for moderate (intermediate) resorts.

Tip:  Only one adult family member needs to hold a Platinum Pass to give the family benefits such as free parking and room discounts that go with annual passes.

Platinum Plus passes are convenient for multiple short visits to water parks on different days, which will exhaust the Water Park Fun visits on Magic Your Way passes more quickly..

The best way to get Platinum Passes is directly at one of the four major theme parks, or at the Marketplace (east) section of Downtown Disney, go to the guest services window. Currently these passes are not sold at resorts.

Platinum Pass prices in U.S. dollars @ February 2016 including tax:

            Platinum  Platinum+  Premier 
Ages 10+     $798       883        1486   (new)
             $676       751        1486   (renewal)
Ages 3-9     $798       883        1486   (new)
             $676       751        1486   (renewal)

Note:  For the above passes, pricing is the same for ages 3-9 as for ages 10+.

Note:  Platinum Passes do not include Oak Trail golf, miniature golf, or free minutes of use at the Playstation pavilion in the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

A few other types of annual passes are available to Florida residents.

The Premier pass is an annual pass honored at Disneyland in California and also at the Walt Disney theme parks in Florida. It includes water parks, Oak Trail golf, and ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Renewal discounts are offered for some kinds of annual passes.

Advance Purchase, Vouchers

Purchasing a Platinum Pass in advance is for convenience only; there is no discount. You will receive a voucher or card that must be presented at a Guest Relations booth at a theme park, water park, or Downtown Disney (not at a resort). So far, annual pass vouchers have never expired. However Disney reserves the right to collect a surcharge reflecting any increase in the price of the Platinum Pass since the voucher was issued. The voucher is not refundable.

Membership is Continuous

Disney's rule fits the definition of "renew" in that a "renewal" annual pass activates the day after the previous one expires regardless of when you perform the renewal (some deadlines and time windows still apply). Depending on when and how often you visit, you may save money by letting a Platinum Pass expire and buying another one (without the renewal discount) on your next visit. 

If your Platinum Pass expires in the middle of your vacation, this usually tilts a close decision in the direction of "renew".

Tip:  Check the Platinum Pass as soon as you get it, to be sure the expiration date is a year from that moment*. Not from the date you paid for it or the date on a voucher. Once in a while a mistake is made and you should hand it back and have a new pass made before you walk away. (* For discount renewals, the correct expiration date is a year after your previous pass expired.)

You cannot truthfully say you have been a Passholder since such and such a year if, during that time span, you have let an annual pass expire and it was weeks or months later before you purchased another.

Trivia: When does a Platinum Pass not a renewal expire?

Answer: At the close of business for the same month and day (anniversary date) a year from when you received it. This gives the pass a lifetime of 366 days (367 days if February 29'th is spanned). A "renewal "pass starts the next day. New Platinum Passes purchased on Feb. 29 expire on Feb. 28.

Other Passes

Here are current prices for single day tickets and annual passes to Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney Quest.

          BB,TL  Seasonal    DQ     BB/TL Annual 
Ages 10+   $64      59       48        117   
Ages 3-9   $58      52       42        105   

The seasonal ticket here is a water park single day ticket valid 1/1-5/27 and 8/29-12/31. At least one water park is scheduled to be open every day unless weather or temperature is unfavorable.

One single day ticket does not allow admission to both water parks.

One water park single ticket may be applied, within 14 days of its usage, towards the price of a water park annual pass, towards the addition of water park fun to a Magic Your Way ticket ($28. towards  the $101. combined water park fun and hopping selection), or towards the upgrade of a Platinum annual pass to Platinum Plus.

Caution:  Disney Quest is expected to close permanently soon although the exact date has not been published. After that time, tickets for Disney Quest only become invalid , Disney Quest privileges on other tickets become unavailable, and no refunds are offered.

Ticket Tag(TM); Finger Scanners; Biometric Readers

All guests of age 10 and older must put their fingers in the biometric readers (finger scanners) at the turnstiles to establish ownership of a pass and prevent sharing the pass with someone else.

All "adult" passes, including older Park Hopper Plus passes and the RFID tickets you exchanged your still-older cardboard passes for, require use of the biometric readers and the usage procedure is the same.

We suggest that you write the name of the person who will be using the pass on a blank area on the back. Also it is easy to hand out to family members headed in different directions, unidentified passes with the wrong number of ticket options (water park fun, etc.) or package options (flexes; wishes) remaining.

Simply insert one finger into the biometric reader (most turnstiles) and wait for the green light to appear. All you have to remember is to use the same finger each time. (The turnstile attendant will make special arrangements, usually using photo ID's,  for guests unable or unwilling to do this.)

No special action is needed to use a ticket for the first time. Simply insert the ticket in the turnstile and use the finger scanner normally.

Except on rare occasions if the finger scanner system is malfunctioning, hand stamps are no longer used or needed to re-enter a park Signs will be re-posted at the park exit if needed.

Note: Sharing a pass with someone else was never permitted even when visiting on different days.

For those concerned about cleanliness, please be aware that railings, banisters, door handles and knobs, ride seat belts and bars, and laser guns are not cleaner than the turnstile finger scanners.

Although your fingerprint is analyzed, the data is digested (the technical term is "hashed") in a manner that your fingerprint cannot be redrawn. In reality the fingerprint data as stored is a single number with not very many digits. On your next visit, your fingerprint is hashed again to match up with the number on file. (The number on file is not unhashed to match your fingerprint.)

"Premium" Can Be Confusing

The older PREMIUM ANNUAL PASS included admission to water parks, Disney Quest, etc.

The Premium MAGIC YOUR WAY pass is simply one that includes the hopping option and the Water Parks Fun & More option.. Disney no longer uses the word "Premium" for this pass.

Premium PACKAGES include more extras such as deluxe meals and can be booked at any Disney resort. Packages are pre-priced.

Disney uses the terms Premium and Premier to refer to different things.

Convention, Hurricane, and Promotional Passes

Different kinds of park admission passes not available to the general public are still offered from time to time to convention groups, by travel agents, stores, and service providers such as car rental agencies, by time share salesmen, or for limited time periods as promotions. Also commonly offered to convention groups are passes good for the afternoon and/or evening only. In most cases promotional and convention group passes have absolute expiration dates even if the pass is never used.

Almost all promotional passes may not  be modified and may not be traded up towards new or different passes. "Convention" tickets with a single water park fun visit may have additional days (up to the eighth day) added at the convention's resort.

Tickets issued with certain Disney promotions such as Give (volunteer) A Day are standard passes or become standard passes after you follow a small number of simple rules.

Ultimate Passes

There are a few passes offering unlimited use of theme parks, water parks, etc. for a fixed number of days offered by some travel agencies, or given out by Disney as rainchecks. Recently, 14, and 21 day (consecutive day) "ultimate" passes for Walt Disney World have been sold in Europe. Unlike for Florida resident passes, proof of (non)residence is not required for possessing or using these 14 or 21 day passes although such proof is needed for redeeming of vouchers and issuance of the passes. There are also 5 and 7 day "premium" tickets sold in the U.K. and these are the same as 5 and 7 day Magic Your Way tickets with hopping and 5 or 7 visits to water parks, etc. respectively.

Time Share Gift Passes

Generally we do not recommend getting these one or two day Disney passes. The ones for Universal Studios and other locations are worthwhile.

The good news is that you do get a gift of one or two Disney theme park daily admissions, whatever they advertise, when you attend the presentation. You do not have to buy anything.

The bad news is that, depending on the length of your vacation, the dollars you save may be very small. Some of these gift passes expire after perhaps a year even if they are not used. Most cannot be traded up towards longer passes.

Let's say you receive two single day passes. If your vacation was for six days and you now buy a four day pass and also use the gift passes, you save just  twenty two dollars.

But if your vacation is for just two or three days at Walt Disney World (and perhaps days spent elsewhere), the pair of one day gift passes are together worth about $190.

Caution:  Some time share promoters hold you hostage in a locked room or leave you a long distance from the entrance until you sign the papers and buy into the time share complex. We suggest not bringing a check book or a debit card or bank card in with you. Should you run into problems of this kind, feel free to call 911 or cause an emergency situation if needed and you should also file a police report as quickly as possible even if that consumes your entire day.

Passes for Children (Ages 3-9)

Persons of ages 10 and up when they arrive for their Disney vacation buy and use "adult" passes. Persons 2 and under when they begin their Disney vacation do not need any pass during that vacation and do not need a Fast Pass to accompany other family members using Fast Passes on rides. We recommend that parents bring copies of birth certificates for children.

For convenience we and also a few Disney cast members suggest that your child over ten years of age use up his leftover pass as-is unless he is really tall or unless a Disney cast member rejects the pass at the turnstile.

Disney's current rule is that a partly used pass for ages 3-9 of any vintage will be converted to an adult pass (for ages 10+) with the same number of days and plusses (water park, etc. admissions) at no charge, on its owner's (your child's) next visit. (He can do it himself if he knows not to pay any more money.) Go to Guest Relations (just outside or inside any park entrance) and ask for an exchange, not an upgrade. If you are told you must pay a fee, don't do it but instead take back the pass immediately and ask for a manager (or try a different Guest Relations office).

Tip:  You do not have to begin using the pass immediately or enter a park or consume a day off of the pass when performing the exchange.

Unused child passes may not be exchanged for equivalent adult passes at no cost but may be given to another child or traded up towards other passes.

Tip:  If one person owns more than one child pass from years past, for example the family forgot to bring the old tickets and had to buy new ones, then only one pass should be exchanged on any given day. Disney may disallow free exchange if they get the impression you or your children "stocked up" on child passes, using just a few days on each.

Generally a converted child pass should be saved for use during a vacation when only it and perhaps other leftover passes are used.

We are told that Universal Studios, Sea World, and Busch Gardens do not (or did not) offer a free exchange of child tickets to adult tickets. First have the original user quietly try to use his ticket as-is, being the first family member to enter. If this fails, go to Guest Relations and attempt to get the ticket upgraded to adult but do not proceed if there is a fee. In the event a free upgrade fails, give the ticket to a younger child when returning to the turnstiles. As a last resort, save the ticket and give the ticket to a younger nephew or niece for future use.

Old Passes

Those old park hoppers are still good.

Old passes that have not expired, whether or not partially used, may be used on any future date for the admission privileges they had at the time of purchase. All standard Disney passes sold before Jan. 1, 2005 do not expire. Some convention and promotional (such as time share prize) passes do expire even if never used.

Passes that do not have RFID chips (includes most pre-2010 tickets) must either be exchanged at a ticket booth or associated with a My Disney Experience on line account and a Magic Band bracelet. There is no charge for the exchange.

Currently (2016) old theme park passes (except a few 2013 single day tickets) are honored at all theme parks (including parks that were not built and open when the passes were first purchased). This added unadvertised benefit was offered to simplify the record keeping system and reduce the number of different kinds of passes to keep track of. However Disney Quest has not (yet) been added to the privileges of Hopper Plus passes.

Pre-1982 "passes" were ticket books with individual ride coupons. Complete books are exchangeable for equivalent (1, 2, or 3 day) modern tickets. If parts including transportation tickets are missing, there are cash values ranging from about 20 cents to a dollar for each remaining coupon that may be applied towards the purchase of a new ticket.

Quick example: You have a three day cardboard pass good at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, purchased some time ago for $60.00, and with two days remaining. Doing an even exchange at no cost, you (should) receive a modern RFID plastic card non-expiring pass with two days' of admission and hopping.

It is Disney's policy not to return an old pass to you after exchange, but it does not hurt to ask. If you want to keep an old pass for a scrapbook souvenir then you may have to forego using it for admission.

Partially used pre-2005 passes may no longer be traded in towards purchase of new or different passes.

Idiosyncrasies With Leftover Passes

Now that you have exchanged that child pass for an equivalent adult pass, or exchanged that cardboard World Passport or Super Duper Pass for an equivalent RFID ticket, deciding when to use it is tricky.

Bad Times To Use Up Leftover Days

*   It is usually a bad idea to use up your old pass as-is during a vacation of four to ten theme park days when you also need to buy and use a new pass.

*   It is usually a bad idea to use up old passes and buy an annual pass less than a year later.

Finding out when it is undesirable to use up an old pass is not hard. You simply figure out your admission pass budget twice -- with, and without, the use of the old passes -- and compare the difference.

Good Times To Use Up Leftover Days

*   When your visit is for one, two, three, eleven, or twelve days in the theme parks.

*   When you enough of them that you do not need to buy new ones.

*   On a vacation of any length when you need to hop between theme parks for exactly one day (using an old hopper pass) and you buy a new non-hopping pass covering all of the other days.

There is really nothing unusual about the old pass, It is the fact that the fourth through tenth days of Magic Your Way passes are so inexpensive that makes your decision making difficult.

Some math for those interested

Simple example. Let's say you are visiting for six days, and you have an old pass with three days remaining. If you buy a new six day pass, that costs $296. If instead you bought a new three day pass expecting to use up the three leftover days as well, you will spend $258. immediately. So you consume the old pass to save the difference of just $38.

Whereas if you saved the old pass for yet another, future, three day visit, you will avoid spending $258. for a new pass at that time.

For twelve or more days, even all in one vacation, an Platinum Pass is usually a better choice.

Another way of figuring out your best strategy is to consider alternatives including trading up, and for each alternative answer three questions:

1.  What kind of pass are you planning to buy or trade up to?

2.  Without the old pass in your possession, what kind of pass would you buy instead?

3.  What is the price difference, if the above two answers are different?

Changing Your Mind; Upgrading (Expanding) a Pass

(Updated 6/10/12) This section applies to Magic Your Way passes (post-2004 standard passes) purchased from Disney authorized ticket agencies and resellers including AAA, tickets purchased from companies participating in Ticket At Work, tickets part of Disney's resort packages, and tickets from The Disney Store...

Use the pass (even a one day pass) prior to upgrading. For a used pass you pay the difference in price between what your original pass would cost that day new and what the pass you want to end up with would cost new, in other words you could compute the amount you need to pay from the prices posted above the ticket booths.

But don't wait too long before making up your mind to upgrade. Passes not part of resort package that are totally used up (the last theme park day and, if applicable, the last water park visit was taken yesterday or before) may not be upgraded. For a one day base ticket that means the pass is "dead" if not upgraded on the day it is used. (Some exceptions to the preceding apply to Florida resident passes and some exceptions may be granted to guests who experience unusual situations such as inability to return home due to weather.)  (A ticket that was a part of a resort package may be upgraded by the person who both used it and had his name preprinted on it any time during the first 14 days from first usage even if the ticket was exhausted sooner.)

(Updated 6/10/12) The following section applies to Magic Your Way passes purchased at "full price" namely from the ticket booths or through Disney's web pages.

The cost to upgrade is the difference in price between what the original ticket's purchase price was and the current price of the ticket you want to end up with. In effect, your total expenditure for the ticket will be the latest selling price for that kind of ticket purchased new.

If you already started using the pass, don't wait too long before making up your mind to upgrade. Passes that are totally used up (the last theme park day was used and also, if applicable, the last water park visit was taken yesterday or before) may not be upgraded. For a one day base ticket that means the pass is "dead" if not upgraded on the day it is used. (Some exceptions to the preceding apply to Florida resident passes and some exceptions may be granted to guests who experience unusual situations such as inability to return home due to weather.) 

Tip:  A ticket may be upgraded more than once.

Note:  Tickets no longer being sold may not be upgraded. This includes non-expiring Magic Your Way tickets. Also, tickets may not be upgraded  so as to become tickets that are no longer being sold.

You may upgrade to an annual pass, too. The starting date of the annual pass is the date of first usage of the surrendered pass, or is the expiration date of your previous annual pass or Platinum Pass if you are doing a renewal within the allowable time window. If the surrendered ticket had Water Park Fun and you used one or more of the fun visits, then your upgrade to an annual pass must be to a Platinum Plus.

Caution:  You should figure out the cost of the upgrade yourself prior to going up to the counter to do it. List each ticket including child tickets separately as well as write down your total cost for all of the tickets. Many CM's are not aware of the proper procedures and may fail to give you the full (gate) price as the value of  the  partially used pass you are submitting. If an argument goes on for some time here is a statement you can use: "The ticket needs to be bridged to the current selling price."

Note:  Generally, tickets may not be upgraded into tickets that are no longer being sold. Notably, upgrading of non-expiring tickets is severely limited. As of this writing we believe that the only upgrades permitted will be conversion of child tickets to adult tickets, adding of the hopping option, and upgrading to annual pass. Because there is no "current selling price" for non-expiring tickets, there will be a separately defined value of the ticket for upgrade purposes, probably equal to the wholesale price of the ticket.

Because the prices shown here are rounded to the nearest dollar, the total you come up with may vary by a few dollars from the total the CM at the ticket booth gives you.

Dining Plan Problems

Sometimes when a ticket on a room key is upgraded to a Platinum Pass (annual pass), that card cannot be used with a dining plan.

Option 1.  Have the ticket admissions transferred to a separate card at the resort before leaving for the parks. This might take awhile if the concierge is busy.

Option 2.  For families, upgrade only some of the tickets to Platinum Passes so at least one card is available for use at the restaurants. (Try using upgraded ticket cards at the restaurants first and make a note of any that don't work.) The tickets can be straightened out back at the resort that evening. Next day, upgrade the rest of your tickets and again have any that don't work at the restaurants fixed back at your resort.

Note that upgrade to a Platinum Pass cannot be performed at a resort.

Trading Up Passes

Unused standard passes of any vintage may be traded in towards current pass offerings of any kind. Only one pass may be traded in towards the purchase of each new pass.

The trade in value is a somewhat secret value based on what Disney received from the ticket agency that sold you the pass and/or what Disney charged at the time a pass was purchased directly from them. Promotional, complimentary, hurricane, and most time share gift, passes have zero dollars of trade in value (and cannot be modified or upgraded). Any pass is considered promotional or complimentary if it is stamped or written upon with "COMP" or with similar wording.

Refer to the section on Upgrades, above, for making changes to partially used Magic Your Way passes. Passes of vintage prior to 2005, and Magic Your Way passes used more than 13 days ago, may not be upgraded.although (of course) those that don't expire are still good for the admission value they had when purchased. Super Duper Passes and other passes that don't fit in the turnstile are still exchanged free of charge for RFID passes of at least equal value with respect to every attribute.

For Magic Your Way passes not purchased from Disney, if you are quoted an unexpectedly lower trade value or an unexpectedly high additional required payment, stop, do not do the upgrade yet, and use the pass first (for example enter the park you are at) and then do an upgrade.

Worn or demagnetized passes are reprinted free of charge provided that either the printed information or (for physical damage) the magnetic stripe is still readable.

Exchanging Passes, Summarized

The following exchanges are always permitted for passes of any vintage (provided the pass has not expired):

1.  Exchanging what remains of your used child pass (for ages 3-9) for equivalent adult (ages 10+) admission.

2.  Exchanging a new or used older vintage pass that does not fit in the turnstiles for equivalent admission on a ticket card that does fit.

3,  Exchanging a worn out or damaged pass for equivalent remaining admission, provided that either the printed codes or the magnetic stripe if any is still readable.

In all cases, the original user of a used pass must perform the exchange although a parent can assist a child.

Currently admission to all four theme parks is granted even when the old pass was purchased before one or more of these parks opened, but Disney Quest is not granted when a Hopper Plus pass is exchanged.

It has been said (the late Paul Harvey's radio news features) that half of all gift certificates, electronic gift cards, and airline vouchers issued or sold by stores are never redeemed. We can estimate that there are a lot of partially used hopper passes sitting in people's dresser drawers and elsewhere that have long been forgotten and Disney has profited handsomely by selling these passes with no expiration date.

Some of the hopper and single day passes given as gifts by time share condominium operators and convention committees/operators do expire, usually after a year, even if never used.

Magic Kingdom Party Tickets; Extra Magic Hours

Separate tickets are purchased for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Night Of Joy, and other special evening events. When you enter the park after about 4 PM* (earliest entry time may vary) you use only the party ticket and you do not need to show a regular park ticket. If you went to a different park earlier in the day, then you would not need hopping on your regular ticket to use your party ticket.

Currently party guests are admitted to the Halloween party and Christmas party at Magic Kingdom starting at 4 PM even though reservationists give out different information over the phone.

If you wished to enter the park where the party is to be held but before 4 PM, then you would need another ticket card and all of the rules including hopping rules pertaining to that ticket apply.

Party tickets are valid only on the date specified, unless special arrangements were made for adverse weather or other unusual situations.

For attending Extra Magic Hours, no special ticket is needed. All rules including hopping rules pertaining to the regular ticket you use to enter the park do apply. (In addition, each member of your party needs to have a current room key.) You may go to EMH the morning of check-in day after a preliminary check-in even if the room is not ready, and you may leave a car at your resort and go to EMH the evening of check out day and stay until park closing which can be long after midnight.

* For separately ticketed parties where the park is cleared of regular guests before party guests are admitted, party guests are not allowed in using their party tickets until after the park has been cleared, which would typically be around 7 PM. Recently, Night of Joy is in this category.

Magic Your Way Packages, Dining Packages

When you book a Disney resort room package. usually you must order a Magic Your Way admission pass of some kind and it must be the same kind for each occupant of a room. If you already have passes you intend to use or have an annual pass, you may want to book one day passes for everyone to go with your package. Some packages require passes of a certain minimum length. After you check in and receive your passes, each member of your party may add features and more days to his pass independently.

Tip:  You can check in and receive your tickets early in the morning even if the room is not ready.

Most packages are not discounted if you have a Platinum Pass or are a member of AARP or AAA, etc.

Package passes are usually encoded on the same card as resort room keys. Increasingly these days, your admissions and "room key" are encoded on your Magic Band (bracelet) and no separate card is issued.

If you have a Platinum Pass or wish to take advantage of other room discounts, you may get a meals discount card (called Tables in Wonderland) for about $50. that covers your entire family, and book just the resort room separately (not as a package). The TIW card is good for a year.

If you planned on using older passes or different passes not linked to your My Disney Experience account,  you must be careful to tap the separate ticket card and not your Magic Band at the park turnstiles. Otherwise you will waste the park admission encoded on the room key or Magic Band. At least one room key or Magic Band needs to be brought with you and and swiped at the restaurants if you are on a dining plan.

Heads up! If you don't use your package pass because you used a different pass, you should have the pass re-verified before checking out, preferably at least a day in advance. There have been reported cases where the park admission was not properly printed or encoded, even though the card still opens the room door or may have been used to "charge" purchases. If you don't use your package pass you would never catch this error.

Tip:  If you don't use your package pass at all for park admission (including water parks), then it will still be good for your next vacation.

It is usually possible to have the admissions or remaining admissions transferred from another pass to a room key but not while there is unused admission already encoded on that room key. It is not desirable to use up the admissions on a room key for the purpose of transferring the admissions on a different card onto that key.

Receiving Package Tickets Early

If you arrive a few days early and want to visit the parks, you can get the package tickets one, two, or three days before your check in. Go to Guest Relations outside a theme park (or at Downtown Disney but not at a water park). Bring copies of your resort package papers and request "Early Ticket Pickup". This applies only to packages booked at Disney's (owned and operated) resorts.

These tickets will have all of the park days you ordered. All tickets for the family/group will be issued at this time. No additional admission tickets will be issued when you finally check in.

Charging purchases to your room, and dining packages, do not go into effect before check in day and do not come alive automatically. You must go to your resort on check in day and begin the check in procedure to activate these features.

If you arrive on your check in day you must go to your resort to begin check in normally to get your tickets.

Early Ticket Pickup is a fairly complicated procedure and some CM's might not be familiar with it. If you have difficulty, here are some buzz words to give to the CM: In the ticketing computer system go to: The Hub >> WDW >> Work >> Ticketing >> Processes & Business Rules >> Early Ticket Pickup For Resort Packages

It is possible although not guaranteed that, if you have a separately booked stay at the same resort preceding your package stay, you can choose to pick up the tickets at that resort instead of at a theme park.

A small number of packages from third parties may not be eligible for Early Ticket Pickup. For these you may have a voucher but no Disney printed confirmations, and the package has to be assembled by a CM at the resort check in desk on check in day. If you are unable to pick up tickets early we suggest going to other Orlando area attractions (such as Universal Studios) or doing activities outside the parks since additional Disney park tickets are quite expensive.

Caution:  There are a number of information sources that are incorrect, saying that you cannot pick up tickets early. Also Disney resort reservationists occasionally give out incorrect information over the phone. If you wish to pick up your tickets early, simply go to the theme park; there is no need to call in advance.

Buy Four Get Three Free; Free Dining; Kids Free

Outside Ticket Sellers

From time to time other ticket agencies offer deals such as this for tickets only. The tickets are of unknown nature. If they are standard Magic Your Way tickets then you may upgrade them. (Buy four, get three free yields a seven day ticket.) If they are promotional tickets, then you may not upgrade them.

Disney Promotions

In 2009, Walt Disney World has run a promotional package offering seven days and seven nights of resort stay and park admission for the price of four days and four nights.

Similar promotions may be offered at random dates in the future. If they suit your schedule, these promotions, including those with free dining, may be superior to using annual passes. In late 2010, packages with "free" meals but undiscounted room rates are offered. Availability is limited as are most promotions, with only a few reservations taken at each resort during peak periods.

When you order tickets, you specify the total number of days you want including days you get free. For example, to buy four and get all "three days of tickets free" you order seven day tickets. But your "ticket days" do not have to match your room nights. If you order one day tickets, you can still get up to three resort nights free under the promotion but since you did not buy 4 days of admission, you get no free days of admission. If you order ten day tickets you pay the price of seven day tickets. (Rules may be different if this offer is repeated.)

Tickets after slight usage are generally valued at gate price for upgrade purposes. But if the ticket you want (such as a a Platinum Pass priced for a Disney Vacation Club member) costs less than the value of the ticket you have, generally no change is returned. More:

If your package has dining, we suggest having the tickets transferred off of your room keys onto separate cards before upgrading to annual passes. More.

Kids Stay and Play Free

Tip: T here was no charge for the tickets for your children ordered with the package and also no "extra person" room charge for each child.. Those tickets may be upgraded, as if they were tickets purchased at full price at the ticket booths. For example adding water park fun costs the same $68. per ticket card.

Military Room Discounts

You can add a standard (not free) dining plan to a room you booked using a Military discount without the purchasing of tickets as part of that package. Note, however, that special military tickets are limited in number of days per ticket so if you will be taking a longer vacation then it is possible that standard tickets ordered with the room will be less expensive than military tickets in the long run.

Private Sellers, eBay, Roadside Stands

Don't buy tickets off of eBay or Craigslist.

You should not purchase tickets from sources other than Disney itself and well known authorized dealers and you should especially not purchase tickets from private parties. It is impossible to know whether a ticket is valid or has the number of days advertised until after you get to Walt Disney World. Remember, partially used tickets are not transferable.

What counts is whether the seller and the payment handler (credit card, etc.) will back you up if you have a problem with the tickets. PayPal and eBay do not.

There is nothing wrong with accepting tickets on a "gift and tip" basis as opposed to a paid sale. This works well with tickets from relatives or friends or co-workers. While this is technically possible for any transaction including using eBay, hardly any seller will do a transaction this way unless he is desperate to liquidate the tickets.

School Field Trips

Most youth group tickets are not upgradable.

Many youth groups come to Walt Disney World for sports playoffs such as Little League, cheerleading, performing in a parade, etc. Usually each participant must purchase a ticket such as a Youth Education Series ticket that must be used on the trip and that  is not upgradable. It might not be practical to order a ticket that is different from those of the rest of the group because often the chaperone will collect all of the tickets and hand them out randomly to the group members as needed. Because of the latter, use of the finger scanners are usually not required at the turnstiles.

Families planning extra days may well have to buy additional tickets without the benefit of multi day ticket pricing. We encourage discussing the situation with the trip coordinators and chaperones to look into special treatment such as not buying the YES tickets. Other alternatives include having the participating child share a room with another participant with the parents booking their room separately, outside the ticket purchase requirements.  In a few cases, the overall cost of tickets may make the cost of the entire trip prohibitive.

Other alternatives also include visiting different venues such as Sea World and Universal Studios.

Safeguard Your Admission Ticket/Pass

If your child is not old enough to go off on his own, he is not old enough to hold his own ticket or ID card. You should collect all of the tickets, etc. just after everyone passes through the turnstiles at the park entrance.

Tickets should be kept in a pocket that can be zippered or buttoned shut. An alternative is a tight fitting sleeve such as the Water Wallet (TM) that is safety pinned inside a pocket and that covers the card completely. Replace the ticket in the sleeve as soon as you are done using it. Tickets and dollar bills should not be loose in a pocket, when you pull something else out of the pocket the ticket may fall out. Brochures, checkbooks, and similar items should not be put in back pockets where part of the item is exposed.

New!  You must not bend or poke holes in a ticket card, for example to safety pin the ticket to the inside of a pocket.

Disney tickets must be guarded as carefully as airplane tickets or cash. If one is lost it should be reported because the electronic systems have a chance to capture the card. There is still no guarantee it will be found.

Tip:  From a Disney Information Station (wdwinfo.com) forum contributor: Photocopy twice all airplane tickets, park tickets, passes, vouchers, reservation confirmations, both sides. Leave one copy at home, bring the other copy with you but keep it safe (in a room safe if possible). This will help if the tickets themselves get lost. Writing down the numbers and codes on the back using pencil and paper is OK also.

Do not post pictures of your tickets with the bottommost row of codes and numbers showing on the internet (eBay, disboards.com, etc.) or anywhere else.

Park Hopper Plus Passes -- Discontinued

Park Hopper (tm, capital H) and Park Hopper Plus (tm) passes were discontinued as of 2005. Those you already own or bought can still be used as-is and they do not expire (except for passes that already had expiration dates). Because the first three days on multi-day Magic Your Way tickets average more than $85. apiece and the fifth through tenth days are so inexpensive, using older passes may not be the best strategy if you need more days. Individual admissions to water parks, etc. are still available. Guests age 10 and older using older passes must also use the biometric readers (finger scanners) at the turnstiles. Old Park Hopper Plus passes are currently not honored at Disney Quest.

Non-Expiring Magic Your Way Passes -- Discontinued

The Non-Expiring Option for current tickets was discontinued in February of 2015, although some ticket agencies may still have some in stock. Non-expiring tickets you already own can still be used as-is at any time during the rest of your life, or until all of the admissions are consumed, whichever comes first. As a general rule, purchasing separate tickets for two vacations costs less than using a non-expiring ticket if the latter would not fully cover both vacations.

Unlimited Magic Pass -- No longer offered with packages

Also called UMP, Ultimate Park Hopper (UPH), Length of Stay Pass (LOS).

Packages with these were discontinued in 2005. You could say that the new Magic Your Way passes are similar except the number of visits to water parks is limited, also the expiration is 13 days after day of first usage as opposed to park closing on the day of check out.

New resort package plans are available. Most require that each person in your party order admission passes with the same number of days and the same attributes, although not necessarily matching the length of your stay. Very few if any plans have discounts on all three: room, dining, and admission passes. Click here for more on packages.

A few Unlimited Magic passes, some for just one day, have been given out as rainchecks.

Unanswered Questions

So far we have been unable to get definite answers to a few questions.

*  I wish to upgrade my Magic Your Way ticket to a (Florida resident) seasonal pass today. But I used it yesterday which was a blackout (blocked out) day for seasonal passes.

We believe that the answer is "yes" (regardless of usage history) provided that either:

a.  "Today" is not a blackout day, or,

b.  You have not used the ticket "today".

In other words, if "today" is a blackout day, upgrading to seasonal pass should black you out instantly, but we think the system is not sophisticated enough to force you into a higher priced product such as regular annual pass because prior usage was on blackout days.

*  I have a 10 day non-expiring pass with hopping which I bought for $693. I wish to upgrade to a Platinum Pass, which costs $611.

You can definitely upgrade to the Platinum Pass but Disney's policy is that you do not get  the $82. change back. However a few guests have reported that they did receive the change.

*  A family member already had a ticket to use and his resort package ticket remained unused. I want to use that ticket on a future vacation but it is on a room key with his name on it.

The best way around this is to have the ticket admissions separated from the room key and put on a different card. In any case, the actual user should hand write his own name on the card, which is recommended practice for all tickets. We have yet to hear about any adverse results of someone putting his own signature on the room key with fully unused admission and another person's name was machine-printed on it or scraped off. But if the admissions are all used up then on the next day you would not be able to add another park day even if it is less than 14 days from first usage.

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